A customer favorite: Vintage Star in black

It’s one of our favorites too: the Vintage Star design is a sharp black (or Wine!) design that’s always been popular with our customers.

We’ve built up quite a collection of Vintage Star pieces on our website, including window treatments, bedding and bath items, kitchen accessories and rugs for every room of the house.

Here are a few combinations we like:

For the bedroom…

Match up a king size quilt or queen size quilt with a bed skirt, pillows and shams. Complete the look with an area rug and drapes to keep your room cozy and tranquil. (We love to sleep in!)

For the bathroom

Start with the Vintage Star shower curtain and bath towels, and this woven rug makes a great bath mat!


For the kitchen…

Start with the Vintage Star dish towels, napkins, placemats and table runner. Complete the look with a braided rug (the heart-shaped braided rug is our best seller!), and a valance or prairie curtains for a sunny kitchen window. We even have chair covers!

For the family room

Cozy up on the couch with a Vintage Star blanket or quilted throw, and add an area rug to complete the look. We have Vintage Star rugs in nearly every shape and size.


Do you do spring cleaning, or just embrace the dust?


5 responses to “A customer favorite: Vintage Star in black

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  3. wow i love that very much….

  4. Definitely Spring clean! And again in the fall.

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