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This just in! Lasting Lite flameless candles

We’re excited to introduce a new vendor to the Primitive Home Decors family: CR Designs is the maker of LastingLite flameless candles, a really unique type of flameless candle because the bases are made from real wax, so they’re pretty and authentic looking. And each one is made right here in the USA, in Indiana actually!

We’ve just added a collection of 16 candle sleeves and 7 different candle bases. You can mix and match, or pop in a new sleeve for every holiday.

Small Antique Jefferson base Small Heritage Antique Pedestal base Black round candle baseLarge Savannah Antique Pedestal

A 6-watt flame tip bulb is included with each base.

Cinnamon Star Candle Sleeve

The candle sleeves are made from real wax, so you care for them just as you would a regular taper candle: store in moderate temperature and keep away from direct sunlight.

Check out our album on Facebook or our website to see the entire collection.

Oh, and we didn’t forget about that reader poll…the results were 60/40 in favor of colors!

Reader Poll results

And if you’re embarking on a bathroom makeover in the near future, our new collections may provide some additional inspiration:  Home PlaceStar VinePine Bluff and Thistleberry.

Later this week: a Mother’s Day gift guide!

Live Laugh Love candle sleeve

What is the best gift you have given or have received?

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