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14 fun Mother’s Day crafts

Here are 14 Mother’s Day crafts sure to delight, whether your children are young or all grown up.

You can find all of these crafts and more on our Pinterest page.

DIY pin cushion jars. A crafty, personalized gift for your crafty mom. You can DIY your own pin cushion or keep it simple and buy one pre-made.

Lemon mint sugar scrub! Just six ingredents + a mason jar gets you this darling (and divine-smelling!) scrub. Good for the body and the soul.

Mother’s Day canvas. Unless you are super crafty, you may want to outsource this one to Etsy. The shop owner of Prairie Boutique crafts ready-to-ship as well as custom frames and canvas artwork.

Mother’s Day flower pot children’s craftUse real flowers or cut-outs for this darling child’s craft.

Mother’s Day cupcake bouquet. Need we say more? Here’s a collection of delicious cupcake bouquet tutorials.

DIY flower vase gift. A very simple flower vase craft you can customize for any mom in your life.

Mother’s Day LOVE sign. An inexpensive and fun photo project that makes a great gift or even just a greeting card!

Personalized pot holdersA fun and easy, child’s craft. The secret is using fabric markers!

Mother’s Day silhouette projectA simple and timeless gift that you can now easily do on your computer instead of spending hours painstakingly cutting out tiny details!

Mother’s Day tea tags. Printable tea tags, and a bonus tutorial on how to create your own pretty tea bags with loose tea and cheese cloth.

Teacup candles. And since we’re on the subject of tea, here’s a fun and easy tutorial on making your own teacup candles.

Mother’s Day wood blocks. This is another darling gift you can DIY or outsource to the craft folks at Etsy.

DIY photo bookmarksAn easy craft using embroidery floss, photos, and an index card for reinforcement.

Salted dough DIY heart necklaceBest for last? We love these simply elegant salted dough necklaces, and you don’t even need a kiln! (One part salt, one part water, two parts flour; food coloring and vegetable oil if you wish!)

Did you make or bake anything for Mother’s Day this year? 

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