Hey jute!

We’re excited to share some new additions to our collection of braided jute rugs!

Jute is a material that is so strong it was once used to make ropes for ships These braided rugs are as durable as they are darling, and coordinate well with a variety of decorative styles and colors.

We also have a full line of braided accessories to match, including braided chair pads, place mats, table runners, coasters, and trivets. These jute rugs have quickly become a customer favorite and we’re excited to share several new designs: Cider Barn, Russet, Timber Trail, Harvest, Coffee, Kingston, Kiliminjaro, Aberdeen, Mustard Seed, Vancouver, and Allentown.

braided jute rugs from Primitive Home Decors

See our entire line of braided rugs and door mats.

Instead of just showing you all the pictures, we thought it would be more helpful (and fun!) to do a whole series of blog posts in which we introduce each pattern individually and offer a collection of coordinating items and decorating ideas. Today’s pattern is Cider Barn

Cider Barn braided jute rugs

Cider Barn incorporates a mixture of deep reds with accenting blues and greens, so it coordinates well with a lot of other colors and patterns.

In the kitchen

Coincidentally, the Apple Jack line of window treatments and kitchen accessories pairs well with Cider Barn. When choosing a color palette, think about choosing one light and one dark accenting color. The neutral beige tones, rich reds and green accents found in Cider Barn and Apple Jack coordinate well together in a bright, country kitchen.

Apple Cider placemat Apple lined valance

Apple lined valance and Apple Cider placemat

The Thistleberry line of ceramics and kitchen linens also coordinate well with the warm colors in the Cider Barn braided rugs.

thistleberry ceramicsthistleberry curtain swag

Thistleberry swag and canisters

If you’re redecorating the kitchen, think about how you can incorporate your dishes, fixtures, back splash and cabinetry into your overall theme, colors and accents. This restored farmhouse sink (Pinterest!) could make the perfect finishing touch.

Later this week, we’ll look at Russet!

Russet braided jute rugs

Take advantage of introductory pricing until June 1!

braided jute rugs


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