Home makeover, Harvest edition

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In case you missed it, we’re doing a series of home decorating blog posts to introduce our new line of braided jute rugs.

Read our other posts in this series:

The next pattern in our series is Harvest, and our theme for the day is home makeovers.

Harvest braided jute rugs

In our blog post, A guest-room makeover in 6 easy steps, we offered steps to making over the guest room, but these guidelines can really apply to any room in the house: choose a theme, de-clutter, accessorize with care, re-purpose and rearrange, “deck” the windows with curtains or other window treatments, and “take a step back” to examine the room as a whole.

But how do you rearrange? How can you utilize the same space in a new way?

This is the perfect time to analyze how you use the room you are redecorating, and how much space you need to move around. Especially when you’re redecorating a living room or great room, consider how traffic will flow through the room and what areas you use the most. Do family members and guests gather in front of the television, or the fireplace? Is the “weight” of your furniture equally distributed around the room, or does it appear to be “piled” up in one area?

When placing furniture, some find it helpful to sketch out a diagram, while others need to see it in the flesh.

Consider what area of the room might need a rug as an “anchor,” but also remember you don’t want to over-accessorize. (We’ll talk more about rug DOs and DON’Ts in our next blog post!)

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braided jute rugs from Primitive Home Decors

See our entire line of braided rugs and door mats.

Our next post in this series will feature Coffee!


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