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Kingston rugs + cheap and easy redecorating tips

Good morning! This is blog post #6 in a series about home decorating. If you’re just tuning in, we’re doing this series to introduce our new collection of braided jute rugs.

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Today, our spotlight is on the Kingston collection of rugs…

Kingston braided jute rugs

The Kingston rugs are bursting with red and beige, but there are also some nice subtle tones of sage and black that you can draw out with the right accessories.

And now, here are a few inexpensive and EASY home decorating tips, for when you don’t want to rip out the flooring, but you would like a nice change of pace.

  • Switch out your kitchen canisters. Having something fun and new to look at on your countertops each day can help you forget you’d like to install entirely new countertops!
  • Replace an old rug with a fun, new rug.
  • Buy a funky piece of old furniture at a garage sale and refinish it.
  • It’s spring! Throw some fresh-cut flowers in a vase to instantly brighten up the room.
  • Replace your pillows. We’ve already written a whole post about pillows, but we’ll mention it again because it’s one of the easiest ways to transform an old piece of furniture into something fun and new.
  • Switch out your hardware. You’d be amazed by how completely a kitchen is transformed with just new cabinet and drawer handles.
  • Paint your front door a fun color!

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braided jute rugs from Primitive Home Decors

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Our next post in this series will feature Aberdeen.

 What are your cheap and easy home decorating tips? 

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