This just in! Lawn and garden decor

We’re excited to introduce this new category of darling lawn and garden decor that includes wind chimes, hose guards, rain gauges, lanterns, wall hangings and sculptures.

These darling accessories are made from sturdy, high-quality weatherproof materials and make a charming addition to your backyard theme. Check out our website to see product details and pricing for the entire collection.

Here is just a small offering of the new lawn and garden collection.

SPI-33820-Fairy-Garden-Hose-Holder-LRG SPI-BP15229-Dragonfly-Wind-Chime-LRG SPI-50791-Meditating-Yoga-Frog-Garden-Sculpture-LRG SPI-50727-Dragonfly-Sundial-LRG SPI-50483-Angel-Bird-Feeder-LRG SPI-33756-Bird-and-Nest-Rain-Gauge-on-Stand-LRG SPI-33693-Mermaid-Lantern-LRG SPI-33675-Reading-Cats-on-Bench-Garden-Sculpture-LRG SPI-33458-Lovebirds-Hose-Holder-LRG SPI-33431-Crouching-Cat-with-Bird-LRG SPI-33392-Scottie-Dog-Planter-Box-LRG SPI-33303-Bird-and-Twig-Sundial-Birdbath-LRG SPI-33148-Hummingbird-Hose-Guard-LRG SPI-33072-Rabbit-Lantern-LRG SPI-33071-Dragonfly-Rain-Gauge-Garden-Stake-LRG SPI-32730-Large-Pinecone-Wind-Chime-LRG SPI-32729-Pinecone-Wind-Chime-LRG_750x750 SPI-32419-Sun-Face-Wall-Plaque-LRG SPI-30748-Crab-Doorknocker-LRG



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