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Baby, it’s cold outside! (Here’s how to stay warm)

Here are some of our favorite ways to stay warm during the winter. (UPDATED!)

A roaring fire – But since we don’t all have a wood-burning fire place, the rest of us can watch this eight-hour YouTube video of a roaring fire, complete with tranquil crackling sounds. I feel warmer already.

Candy cane cocoa – perfect for sipping by that roaring fire.

Area rugsExperts agree that an area rug can add insulation to a hard wood or tile floor. Floors account for as much as 10% of heat loss if they’re not insulated, according to the National Energy Foundation (NEF). We have a huge selection of braided jute rugs, woven rugs and hooked rugs to add warmth –and character– to your home this winter.

Cider Barn Braided Rug

Bake cookies – Extra calories provide the energy you need to stay warm when it’s cold, and while they’re baking, you can hover near the warmth of your oven.

Bundle up – Instead of turning up the heat, turn up the charm with a knit throw blanket! (And we have pillows and quilted bedding to match!)

cable throw blankets

What’s your favorite way to stay warm during the winter? 


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