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January favorites: what everyone’s loving right now

It’s January favorites day!

But first, we feel sort of obligated to mention the Big Event that happened over the weekend…

Who watched the Puppy Bowl?

We’re back today with one of our most popular blog post topics – customer favorites. This is the one where we offer you some country decor inspiration by running down the list of what everybody’s loving right now. Let’s do it!

January Favorites

Blackstone Black Paper Towel Holder

This one looks at home in any country or farmhouse kitchen and the black coordinates well with natural wood or those grey tones people are into these days. Shop the entire Blackstone collection here.

Blackstone Black Star Paper Towel Holder

Candlewicking Valance

History lesson! For those new to this style, it mimics a 19th century American style of embroidery. According to, it is believed that candlewicking or whitework (named for the distinctive white thread on white fabric) was conceived by the women traveling westward. Because thread and other sewing materials were very limited, the style made use of the colonial knot, which required less thread, was sturdier and held up to heavy use and washing.

Candlewicking Valance

Fabric Assorted Size Stars Set

Red was the clear frontrunner here, but we also offer these in Black. Mix and match!

Red fabric stars


Star and Berry Vine Lamp Shade

Star Vine has always been a customer favorite, and the lamp shade looks at home with the complete collection, or with coordinating cream, navy or burgundy decor.

Star Vine lamp shade

The Star Vine Towel is popular it’s currently out of stock! But it will be back soon and you can drop us a comment if you’d like an alert.

This is a popular because the star and berries offer a distinctly classic country look that coordinates well with a variety of black and tan decor.

Star Vine Bath Towels


Sturbridge Plaid Lined Curtain Panels Country Wine

You KNOW it’s not a customer favorites post without a little bit of Sturbridge.

Sturbridge Curtain Panels

So another one shouldn’t surprise you! Sturbridge Table Runner

Everything Sturbridge right here. And our Sturbridge Patch quilted bedding collection is currently on sale!

Sturbridge Table Runners

Town and Country Drapery Panels

Really, so much Town and Country

Town and Country Drapes Wine

Antique Style Tin Coffee Pot Dispenser

More antique style decor here

Antique Style Coffee Pot

Black Star Curtain Tie Back

And if black stars are your jam, we have plenty more where that came from.

Black Star Iron Curtain Tie Back

Stay tuned this week for another dive into our clearance section and if you’re near us in the midwest, stay warm this week!

Complement bright accents and patterns with pewter and cream

Pewter: a shade you might not associate with country home decor? Our Grain Stripe and Summerville collections in Pewter and Cream are now in stock and ready to ship.

Pewter is a popular home decor shade because it offers the perfect balance of warm and cool tones and complements most accent colors. It makes an excellent backdrop for bright yellow, coral, or turquoise. And because grey tones are trending right now, you can find a ton of inspiration online. We love the @farmhouse.charm account on Instagram! (Oh, and you can follow us there too!)

These two collections also happen to coordinate well with each other…

Grain Stripe

This simple stripe pattern is easy to incorporate into other farmhouse and country decor themes. Think of the single stripe as a a neutral, but for patterns. (Shop Grain Stripe in more colors.)


Another clean, classic look to complement other patterns without looking like you decorated in the dark. Decor tip: when mixing prints, one of them should be very simple while the other can be more complex. Shop all of Summerville here.

You can go to Primitive Home Decors and type “Summerville” or “Grain Stripe” into the search field, or type “Pewter” to see everything we offer in that color.

Have a great week! 

Embracing the Winter Blues

The winter blues are very common, with many of us experiencing a mood shift during the colder, darker days of winter. According to the Brain and Behavior blog, some common ways to treat the Winter Blues include:

  • Making your environment sunnier and brighter
  • Spending more time outside
  • Exercising regularly

When I’m feeling sluggish and lethargic during the winter months, it definitely helps to stay active. I also enjoy making subtle, but intentional changes around the house to brighten up my surroundings. If this sounds like something you can relate to, may we humbly recommend a few of our newest country decor collections? It’s amazing how much a few small changes in color can transform a room…and a mood.

Brighten up your cozy spaces

Buffalo Check is also available in Black, Red and Grey and we have more than 20 decor pieces in stock and ready to ship. It’s such a classic country decor look, and if there is quietly falling snow outside your window, well that just makes the scene even more ideal.

Buffalo Check Swag

It feels weird talking about Summerville when it’s freezing outside, but here we are. The cream and colonial blue of the Summerville collection has actually been around for a while, but we’ve just added the pewter and cream options recently, and have more valances that will be in stock soon.

Summerville Swag

Grain Sack is another new Winter blue we’ve just added to our collection. This pattern pays tribute to the traditional style of rugged 19th century sacks woven from hemp and flax. (But don’t worry: our Grain Sacks are woven from cotton and soft as a cloud.) The distinct and familiar striping was a way for farmers to easily identify their sacks. In addition to colonial blue and cream combination, you can also choose from pewter, black and barn red, or mix and match!

Grain Sack curtains

You can check out all of our new collections right here, and let us know how you’re beating the Winter Blues this season. Hope you’re having a great week.

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