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Clearance Treasure Tuesday

Good morning! Time for another look into our virtual clearance aisle. We add new items to clearance all the time, here are some of our recent adds.

Kiss The Cook chalkboard – 20% off!


Patriot points pillow – 10% off! And here’s a look at the rest of our patriotic-themed decor.


Pantry braided place mat, chair pad and rug – 10-19% off!


10″ black lampshade – 10% off!


Thistleberry bath decor – 10-20% off!


Winter Buddies decor and ceramics – 10% off!


Winter Buddies Mantle Scarf

River Falls Jacquard Dish T0wel – 40% off!


Have a great week!

Clearance treasure Tuesday

Good morning! Time for another edition of clearance treasure Tuesday! This is the one where we dig into the clearance aisle and share some discounted items you might have missed.

Let’s do it!

Songbird wine bottle topper – 20% off!


Thistleberry swag and tiers – both 10% off!311-46-Thistleberry-Swags_LRG

THE Molasses Bear mug set – 10% off! (This is one of my favorite items, by the way. Check out more in clearance from the Molasses ceramics collection!)

Molasses Mug

Pantry oval braided rug – 10% off!


Worthington Black table lamp – 10% off!

Worthington black wooden accent lamp

Thistleberry bath decor – 10-20% off!


Heartland bedding! – 10-15% off!

Heartland Quilt

Burlap bird ornament – 53% off!


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