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Our 8 favorite bathroom accessories

Well, we didn’t get our wish— according to the groundhog, we’re in for six more weeks of winter!

groundhog day

Do you believe in the ability of the groundhog to predict the weather? 

Winter weather or not, we’re back today with another fun list for you. How about our eight favorite bathroom accessories?? Here we go…

Home Place toothbrush holder (find the rest of the Home Place collection here!) In our completely unbiased opinion, Home Place has some of the most adorable accessories we’ve ever seen. This one is sure to make you smile every time you brush your teeth!

Home Place Toothbrush Holder

Button shower curtain hooks. These buttons pair well with a lot of different colors and styles, including Heartfelt and Lemon Pepper!

Button shower curtain hooks Red Button Shower Curtain Hook

Country water faucet soap basket (See also our matching toilet tissue holder!)

water faucet soap basket

Starfish bath towel holder (find the rest of the Starfish collection here).

starfish bathroom design

Pine Bluff pine cone soap dispenser (find everything Pine Bluff here!) Because who doesn’t want their home to feel more like a cabin in the woods?

Pine cone soap dispenserStar vine tissue box cover (find all of Star Vine here!). There are more than 40 items in the Star Vine collection, including bath towels, window treatments, rugs and if Star Vine in the bathroom isn’t enough, a variety of kitchen linens and ceramics.

Star Vine tissue box cover
Scroll bath towel holder (and matching towel ring!) Just a very simply elegant bathroom towel holder, but it’s the little things, right?

scroll bathroom design

Heartland shower curtain (find all of Heartland here!) One word: darling.

Heartland shower curtain

And for those of you who love country bath decor as much as we do, here are some more of our bathroom-related blog posts!

What’s YOUR favorite bathroom decoration or accessory?

Have a great week!

Little houses (and a reader poll!)

Home Place is a collection we’ve offered for quite a while now that includes kitchen towels, decor and window treatments, but we’ve just recently added a fun selection of country bathroom decor items.

In our last post, we talked about how one item can inspire a whole project, and we think the whimsical little details in the Home Place collection provide just that kind of inspiration.

Take a look…(click image to view product page).

Home Place bath towel

Home Place shower curtain hooks

Home Place soap dispenser

Home Place tissue box holderHome Place toothbrush holder

Home Place wall hook              Home Place tumbler

And just for fun, here’s a reader poll about bathroom decor…

We’ll discuss the results in the next blog post!

Good things come to those who procrastinate!

Woah! Where did the month go? We’ve been scurrying around trying to keep up with the holiday rush and we may or may not have a few last holiday gifts that still need to be shipped off tomorrow. We have no excuse for this, we apparently just enjoy procrastinating!

Did you finish all your holiday shopping and decorating weeks ago,  or are you a procrastinator?

If you are in the first category, well done! But if you’re in the second category, not to worry. We still have a fantastic selection of holiday decor and holiday gift ideas for the last-minute shopper. Place your order by December 19 to ensure delivery by December 25!

Vintage Star, Checkerberry and Blackberry Vine Bedding


Bathroom Shower Curtain Hooks, Shower Curtains and Bathroom Accents

Bathroom and Shower

Window Treatments including Sturbridge, Checkerberry and Vintage Star

Window Treatments

Floor Coverings including braided rugs, woven rugs and door mats

Floor Coverings

Holiday clearance! Save 10% right now on all of our remaining holiday accessories including mantle decor, primitive snowmen and holiday accents.

Holiday Clearance

And check out our close-outs and discontinued items including rugs, seasonal decor and curtains!

Clearance Rugs Seasonal and Curtains

Have you found the perfect gift for someone special? What’s on your wish list this year? 

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