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More fun in the garden

Good day! We’re back to share some more new items from our recently expanded lawn and garden section.

Patriotic Americana Hanging Star – more arrows and hangers

White Ceramic Bird Feeder

Rusty Fork Bird House

Turtle Door Knocker – also check out our outdoor wall plaques

Mallard Pond – and check out our Fairy Gardens!

Frogs Cheating at Cards

Bunny Holding Umbrella hose guard

Angel Girl Garden Lantern

Alligator Planter Holder

Williamsburg Sparrow Rain Gauge

Stylized Butterfly Windchime


This just in! Fairy gardens

We are so pleased to share a new category in our lawn and garden section– fairy gardens! (Check out the link for the complete collection!)

Stoneybrook fairy garden

Fairy swimming hole

Tic Tac Toe fairy garden bistro set

Bistro blossom fairy garden set

Lily pad pond

Fairy garden ivy planter with stairway

Lady Bug fairy door

Leap Frog fairy door

Ivy Villa fairy house

Primrose cottage fairy house

Mushroom hideaway fairy house

Owl House fairy house

Squirrels hideaway fairy house

Dragonfly hollow fairy house

Spring into the garden

Happy spring! We’re back today to share some of our newest lawn and garden decor, including  bird baths, feeders and bird houses, planters, lanterns and sculptures.

Bird baths

Perching birds birdbath

Bird feeders

Sitting angel

Rust finish metal bird feeder

Bird Houses

Water faucet bird house arrow replacement

Galvanized bird house

Weathered wood bird house

Garden  sculptures

Vintage white ceramic sitting bunny

15 inch crouching rabbit


Hanging fairy lantern

Giraffe pair lantern


Vintage Metal Bucket set

Metal planters with faucet holder


Lawn and garden treasures

Good day!

Today we have these fun finds from our lawn and garden section.

You’ll find links to each of these product pages below.

Turtle doorknocker

Bird and branch hose holder

Love bird garden stake bird feeder

Hummingbird wall mounted thermometer

Farmer frog planter holder

Book lover rabbit garden lantern

Stealing a kiss garden sculpture

Sea Turtle explorers wind chime

Running Rabbit garden sculpture

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Summer Sale

This just in: New feeders, bird baths and rain gauges!

Spring is HERE! We’re excited to share our new bird feeders, rain gauges, hose guards and lawn sculptures. These are all in stock and ready to ship today!

Bird Feeders

Evelyn’s feeder with bracket

Tabletop feeder

Wind Chimes

Penguin segmented wind chime


Angel wind chime


Hose guards

Dancing frog hose guard


Lovebirds hose guard


Owl hose guard


Garden sculptures

Duck trio garden sculptures


Butterfly garden sculpture


Rain gauges

Frog fisherman rain gauge


Quail Rain GaugeSPI-33910-Quail-Rain-Gauge-Holder-LRG